An Orc’s Life, Day 2: Of Jerks and Men

It’s a frigid second day in Skyrim, and my hypothermia mod is definitely not letting me forget it.

[Below is my narration of this entry. Hope you enjoy.]

Upon waking up, I decide that the nearby coastline might have a few resources I can gather to sell in town. I’d like to be able to hunt some today as well. I can turn the animal pelts into armor or gold, but I need both if I’m going to make it to Solitude alive. I leave the inn to go sell off my Quicksilver Ingots, but nobody in town is awake, including Rustleif, who I am in need of once again. I bet he’ll rub it in when he finally does emerge. So, to pass the time, I walk around town gathering more Snowberries, and harvesting some firewood from the local trees. An hour later I have just sold all of my ingots and now have enough money for my second meal, so I go back up to the Inn to buy breakfast, refill on water,  and procure lunch for my afternoon roaming.

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Motivation/Other Video Games

So on the offhand chance, that anyone might be following this blog, or has interest in it, I wanted to post an update about my timetable. First off, being a new, inexperienced writer, the procedure of writing my first post took a lot longer than what I wanted to spend writing it. For that reason, I have not wanted to jump back into writing another entry too soon. However, I may decide to shorten the length of my entries to keep myself from burning out.

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