Motivation/Other Video Games

So on the offhand chance, that anyone might be following this blog, or has interest in it, I wanted to post an update about my timetable. First off, being a new, inexperienced writer, the procedure of writing my first post took a lot longer than what I wanted to spend writing it. For that reason, I have not wanted to jump back into writing another entry too soon. However, I may decide to shorten the length of my entries to keep myself from burning out.

Also, I have been taking a break from Skyrim, in general, to play Portal 2, a game that I should have started a looong time ago. It’s awesome, and I don’t expect it will take me very long to finish it. However, the quickness in which I publish my second post will be determined by whether I can write another entry before Mass Effect 3 comes out. My loyalties do not remain solely to Skyrim after all. Even that being the case, I will hopefully have the next post out within a week.

To make this post a little less dull, I am including a screen shot of when Grawnk first walked into the Windpeak Inn to find everyone talking about the nightmares.

The city of Dawnstar…IS UNDER ATTACK! (by nightmares)

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