The Future: A great distractor from the present

You may have interpreted my title as being a fancy way of saying that I’ve been procrastinating. Annnd you’d be right. However, I bet you did not interpret the title literally. I’ve spent the past several hours watching videos from Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist. What he predicts makes me absolutely hunger for the future, and all that it holds. Essentially, we are on the threshold of a renaissance of technology.

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Lizard Wizard, Day 1: Not Defying Gravity


[This is Lizard Wizard. That’s actually his real name. He legally magically changed it. Now I know you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about Lizard Wizard and not Grawnk. Well, I’ll tell you. Grawnk was such a complicated character with his aspirations, emotions, quirks, and not to mention daddy issues. I just feel like it will be easier for me to continue writing if I choose a character who is a little more…well, vapid. Enter Lizard Wizard: the spoiled, spacey Argonian (arsonist).

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An Orc’s Life, Day 3: The Wrath of Grawnk

King Grawnk commands you to bring him the head of every bandit in Skyrim.

[Below is my narration for this entry. Hope you enjoy.]

I was just having the most wonderful dream. If only I could remember what it was about. I’m fairly certain the bandits from yesterday were in it. No more time to waste in bed, though. I only have one more thing to do in Dawnstar, and that’s to try and find a potion of cure disease for my Rockjoint. I head over to the local potion pub and find that they do have a potion of cure disease…for 244 gold. A little too rich for my Orc blood. I notice there is a recipe to make the same potion, however, so I opt for that instead. It requires Mudcrab Chitin and Vampire Dust. The Vampire Dust is 77 gold, but that still beats 244, so I buy it. If only I hadn’t eaten the Chitin I harvested yesterday. Make that two things I have to do before leaving Dawnstar now. I don my new armor and walk along the coast in the opposite direction from yesterday, trolling for mudcrabs.

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