Let me first start off by saying I am sorry the new post didn’t come out when it should have. I started playing Wednesday night, expecting to have the new post done by 11:00 PM. However, the inability to buy a horse that I thought nothing of in my last post really got under my skin this time around. I thought it was a one time glitch in Markarth but apparently not. In an alternate save file for Grawnk I traveled to every city where you could buy a horse, but the dialogue for the option to buy a horse simply does not exist.

The internet has let me down for the first time. There is no mention of such a problem existing in any forum or site. I tried disabling all the mods that I thought could possibly affect this. As it turns out, there were only a few candidates that seemed even remotely possible, and they did not work. At this point, I don’t want to have to disable every mod I use on the offhand chance that it fixes the issue. On that same alternate file, I even advanced the main questline thinking that maybe Skyrim doesn’t let you buy a horse till you get that out of the way with. No dice.

I know you are thinking I am being way too anal about this, and of course you’d be right. I am being way too anal, but I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t work and it’s driving me crazy. I can buy a horse fine with two other characters of mine, so it looks to be limited to just the Grawnk save file for whatever reason.

I determined I was able to spawn a horse and ride it, and it would act like a bought horse, but I would prefer that to be my last resort, as it just wouldn’t sit well with me for Grawnk. I know it seems weird, but there you go.

So, I am curious to see if any of you all know what this is about/have encountered it before/have any suggestions whatsoever. Any thoughts or insights you have would be great. Do not worry, though. I will go ahead with the story for now, but I am working today and don’t get off till midnight, so best case scenario is the post being ready on Friday June 15 around 5-6 AM. Again, I am so sorry for the delay. I just couldn’t move past it, and before I knew it, hours had gone by. Sigh.

Oh, and here’s a screenshot I guess:

Alternate universe Grawnk requesting a bed time story from the Jarl of Whiterun.


7 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. You could steal a horse and just leave 1000 septims lying there. Or jsut spawn a horse then pay someone in Markarth 1000 septims just to fell you have helped out the Markarth Ecocomy enough.

    • I actually like that idea, (spawning, not stealing) because I could see Grawnk overpaying vendors for common items and making it seem like he was truly just a generous person, or a wealthy philanthropist. I will probably do this if I can’t find an uncorrupted save file to revert to.

  2. ouch I feel thy pain. I had a similar issue with my main char. Unfortunately I don’t think youre going to like what I had to do to fix it. I couldn’t buy a horse or much of anything. I didn’t realize this for a long while. The only thing that worked was using an old save because it seems the recent one was corrupted somehow. I spent a while going through a lot of old saves trying to find one that wasn’t broken. I ended up losing roughly a weeks worth of progression. Sorry wish i had better news =(

    • Actually, I’m just thankful to hear I’m not the only one that’s experienced that problem. It was so horribly aggravating not being able to find anything on the internet about it. I will have to debate on whether I want to do that or just make do, but if it affected not being able to buy other things, then maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet. Worst case scenario I will lose a few levels, but Grawnk is only level 10, so I could just console command back what he had, even though it will make me feel dirty for doing it. Well here’s hoping it’s only a few saves back. And thanks so much for the feedback. I was beginning to feel like an island.

      • Using the console in this instance wouldn’t be a bad thing. At least nothing to make you feel dirty about. You would just be restoring grawnk to what he already had gained. To be honest I wish I would have thought about using the console when it happened to me LOL but thats my opinion you could always do a poll about it, but i think people would understand.

        • Well unfortunately, no save file for Grawnk ever alleviated the problem. I found a decent way to get around it as you’ll see in the post (coming soon). Still a very strange situation. I checked with Lizard Wizard, and even he could buy a horse. By the way, what other things were you unable to buy? I’ll have to keep an eye out to make sure that doesn’t happen to Grawnk.

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