Hey Guys, I added another link to my blog roll: An Illusionist in Skyrim. It came recommended by Christopher Livingston, (creator of The Elder Strolls/Livin’ in Oblivion) and the first post is very promising. Essentially, the author will attempt to play Skyrim with a character who will exclusively use spells from the illusion school of magic. No punching, slashing, stabbing, etc. Check it out.

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Blog Update

Hello all, I just wanted to bring you up to speed about the blog. I recently moved from North Carolina to Tennesse, and frankly, have just not had any time for the blog until recently. Even though I do find myself with a little more free time finally, I still am quite unused to the environment, and haven’t really felt up to the challenge of writing again. I do plan to, but this also has a little bit to do with my carpal tunnel as well. I bought an ergonomic keyboard which should help some, but I’m still taking it easy on that front. So, to all three or four of you who read my blog, I am sorry for the extended delay. And a side note to you other authors; I will continue reading your blogs. I just read very slowly and somewhat infrequently these days as I am rediscovering what it means to have a “social” life.

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