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Hello all, I just wanted to bring you up to speed about the blog. I recently moved from North Carolina to Tennesse, and frankly, have just not had any time for the blog until recently. Even though I do find myself with a little more free time finally, I still am quite unused to the environment, and haven’t really felt up to the challenge of writing again. I do plan to, but this also has a little bit to do with my carpal tunnel as well. I bought an ergonomic keyboard which should help some, but I’m still taking it easy on that front. So, to all three or four of you who read my blog, I am sorry for the extended delay. And a side note to you other authors; I will continue reading your blogs. I just read very slowly and somewhat infrequently these days as I am rediscovering what it means to have a “social” life.

I just remembered that I had created a twitter account for An Orc’s Life however long ago, and I was wondering if that might be something you would be interested in? It would essentially be snippets of Grawnk being Grawnk with occasional narrator contributions from me.

And how’s everyone enjoying Dawnguard? I sacrificed my hands to play it and even though I paid the price, I don’t regret it. It has been a very strong showing for Bethesda’s first DLC. I just beat a Dawnguard play-through playing as my goody two-shoes character and now am looking forward to becoming a Vampire Lord.

Lastly, and as usual, don’t forget to keep checking out the fine people under my links section. An Orc’s Life may be MIA but everyone else still seems to be going strong.




17 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. I had way more typed out than actually made it to the comment. Weird. Anyway, it’s good to hear from you. Elspeth is on Twitter too so definitely post there and look out for my live-tweets on He-Man and the Master’s of the Universe.

    • Did you perchance start typing in the drop-down notification box? I’ve occasionally lost replies I was typing from doing that.

      I found your twitter account, and what a tantalizing prospect He-Man tweets are.

      • Maybe. I’m posting a new chapter tomorrow morning and I think I’ll do a live-He-Man tweet session after that. Of course, that depends on whether I can convince my 3.5 year old not to throw a tantrum. I only barely convinced him to watch Voltron yesterday. Right now he just wants to watch the same dinosaur shows over and over and over….I don’t care if Kenneth Branaugh is narrating. That shit gets old.

    • ‘Preciate the concern. So this means I should go ahead and give away all the spoilers, right? Say something if you don’t want me to….Well, you had your chance.

      Turns out the “Dawnguard” isn’t a group of vampire hunters after all. It’s actually Skyrim’s newest club, and it happens to attract people who enjoy roleplaying as vampires and vampire hunters. Who knew? Well, sorry. Guess you no longer need to play it now that you know the big spoiler.

      • PFT! Thats not news! the real news is the appearance of a race that was thought to have been gone! Which in essence kind of kills the Mod I was making for them…damn Bethesda! hehe

      • Crap. Your spoilers just got mailed out to me because I subscribed to replies. Wish I didn’t read faster than I can think. 😦 Please tell me that doesn’t ruin the whole dlc?

        • Well, it can ruin it if you happen to live above the club like I do. “Vampires” and “Vampire Hunters” are always bursting through my door giggling, and fake biting each other. It’s rather annoying, and the other night one of the “vampires” was even sparkly. This is Skyrim, people, at least pretend to be the good kind of vampire!

  2. Unfortionaly i cant afford dawnguard due to the fact i only get $6 (NZD) a week and im still paying of it will be another 5 1/2 weeks before i can afford it.Anyway,nice to see that grawnk’s non-adventure will continue soon.hopefully i will get a new post out this weekend.

    • Bummer. However, it’s worth the wait, and money. Just don’t read my reply to Pyrelle if you don’t want to be “spoiled.”

      Here’s hoping both Grawnk and Kadraan resurface soon.

      • a bit late to say don’t look at dawnguard stuff,already have.

        Anyway’s new post is out(finally) also was thinking of doing life of the vampire lord when I DO get dawnguard,sounds crazy but might work.

  3. It seems the number ten is now cursed. First in living in Oblivion Nondrick was disturbed during the night by the rude guard captain, then Nordrick died on part ten, and now it has been over a month since an Orc’s life has updated.

    • I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t taken stock in superstition since beginning this blog. I used to think death awaited around every corner, in every darkened shadow, in every blood thirsty bunny rabbit…Luckily though, Grawnk is only delayed, and not dead.

      He will make his triumphant, hmm, scratch that word – anticlimactic return, (there, that’s better) soon enough. Thanks for still wanting to read this blog. That is cool.

  4. I’m on ps3 so no dawnguard for me yet, darnit. Looking forward to it, though. Good luck adjusting to your new home!

    • Man, PS3 always gets the short end of the stick. I applaud your patience. And thank you! The new home is actually an old one, so the adjustment is going well.

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