Hey Guys, I added another link to my blog roll: An Illusionist in Skyrim. It came recommended by Christopher Livingston, (creator of The Elder Strolls/Livin’ in Oblivion) and the first post is very promising. Essentially, the author will attempt to play Skyrim with a character who will exclusively use spells from the illusion school of magic. No punching, slashing, stabbing, etc. Check it out.

On that note, I have been noticing more and more the community that has sprung up  around this type of blog. It just continues to grow, even in a more professional format like “Illusionist” in that it is another PC Gamer-published blog. Well, I have found myself wanting some sort of one-stop official hub for authors and readers to convene at and interact in the same space (website). I guess what I’m getting at is does anyone know of such a site that already exists or is trying to fill that niche? If not, that would serve as a great opportunity for anyone who has a mind for site design.

And on an unrelated note, whether you asked for it or not, Grawnk is now on twitter; he just doesn’t know it (don’t tell him). The tweets for now are non-canonical, meaning they have no bearing on the events in the actual blog. Maybe I’ll integrate the two later if I can think of a clever way to do it. The feed is on the right side of my blog, but here is the link as well:

Good day, you fine, fine individuals.


5 thoughts on “Community/Twitter

  1. I wouldn’t be opposed to a hub of sorts, it would probably increase the traffic to all of our sites but if you think of it between me and you alone I think we have links for just about every blog of the genre. Of course it would also open up our writing for more troll type people and I don’t know if my fragile psyche can handle the constant stream of asshats telling me “d00d U R \\/\//R171ng 5Uxx0R” It is a nice idea though. Is it even possible to set up a site on wordpress with a forum function?


  2. Just checking up, we have not heard from you for 2 months. Hope your move turned out fine and your carpal tunnel (I think it was carpal tunnel,) I defininatly hope we will get to see more Grawnk soon.


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