28 Days of Character Development

Hello, my avid and numerous followers!

Elspeth roped me into this I have decided to start this 28 Days of Character Development thing of my own free will. It is a challenge that focuses on developing a character through daily writing prompts over the next 28 days. I don’t know anything about it, so will be kind of following the herd blindly, borrowing prompts to use for Grawnk, which I will do my best to post daily.

This is Elspeth’s initial post explaining it better, if you would like to see what a prompt is.

28 Days of Character Development

Like I said, I will be borrowing her prompts, but if anyone has a prompt specifically for Grawnk, feel free to share it down below in the comments.

Also, best of luck to Adantur and Pyrelle, two excellent writers, who will be participating in Elspeth’s challenge as well.

An Orc’s Life, Part 12: The Fellowship of the Verse Part II

[Below is my narration for this entry.]

Not wanting to keep Ghorbash and Jenassa waiting any longer than I have to, I hurriedly throw on my armor, and eat my breakfast as I’m walking out of the Bannered Mare. I bump into the door frame on my way out on account of my eyes still being half shut from having just woken up. Once outside, the brisk air succeeds in opening my eyes the rest of the way, and my mental fog rolls away as well. I can’t believe this day has finally come.

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