Pumping Iron Mod

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share with you a very cool new mod that has just been released. If you troll the Nexus page daily, then you might have noticed it already. It’s called Pumping Iron. What it does is realistically, and immersively build your character’s muscle mass based on the amount of relevant skill increases he or she gets.

My favorite youtuber, Gopher, made this mod for his character in his new Let’s Play, because his character is very skinny, and it would seem odd to have him progress through his adventures without gaining any body weight. It’s an absolutely excellent idea for a mod if you love immersion, which I know I do, so I will be using it for Grawnk. That’s right. It may take a long while to see any results, but assuming Grawnk survives for long enough, and builds enough skills up, you might get to see him gain some manly Orcly muscles.

Below, I am including both the mod video Gopher made for his mod, detailing all the features, and also the introduction for Gopher’s newest Skyrim Let’s Play. I encourage all of you all to give it a watch, because it’s immensely fun and entertaining, and it actually helps motivate me to write the type of Skyrim story that I do. And Happy New Year to everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Pumping Iron Mod

  1. Nice find. There seems to be a lot left he can do with this yet. I will definitely keep an eye on this mod for when I am able to get my game back up and running.

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