Grawnk 2.0

So first off, I want to apologize for the lack of a new post in a while. I know I said the posts were going to be very sporadic, but I’m still sorry that that has been the case. So, let’s talk bugs.

In actual fact, this was the inspiration for the name of my blog.

I am not the only person to have lots of bugs and glitches in a modded Skyrim game, nor am I the only blogger (sorry, Pyrelle). However, my bugs have been stacking up, getting progressively worse, and really limiting the amount of fun I have when actually playing as Grawnk. In a way, that bleeds over to my writing (not that I am trying to make this an excuse).

Having so many mods, specifically immersion-based mods in my case, makes it so where I can still get enjoyment playing a game that I have logged over 600 hours in…yep, let that sink in. I do have a legitimate reason for being burned out occasionally. Getting back on track now. These mods have been necessary for my enjoyment, but have also left my game a broken mess. It is because of the necessity of having mods for me to play, and the importance of playing a version of Skyrim that is not all bugged to hell, that I recently decided to completely uninstall Skyrim and start anew, including not using my old Grawnk save files.

I know this seems drastic, but it was a necessary step if I was to continue with my story the way I wanted to. I happen to know due to testing, that certain parts of the story I want to tell with Grawnk would have been impossible because of specific bugs that were in the game at that point.

To bring this up to speed, Grawnk 2.0 is alive and well in a currently, and hopefully permanently, bug-free Skyrim. I know none of you are, but I’m pretending that you are concerned by how I would be able to replicate Grawnk’s facial features exactly. So *clears throat* to all those concerned, I was able to preserve Grawnk’s exact image thanks to the miracle of modding following a tutorial. In fact, just for gits and shiggles, I made the mod public on the Nexus if anyone wants to see it or even use it:

Grawnk Race Menu Preset

Okay, I need to wrap this up because I know I drone on way more than I need to. In my story, you may notice some slight visual discrepancies down the road with some of my screenshots. Other than that, if I hadn’t just told you, you’d never know I had changed anything. I will still be abiding by all of my rules and guidelines too.

Well, I really hope this isn’t offensive to anyone. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but being able to have Grawnk do anything again, with all of my favorite mods functioning as they should, is a huge triumph for me, and I feel as if it can only help this blog. And by the way, I’m hoping to put out another post soon. I’m curious; what do you all think? Let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Grawnk 2.0

  1. You already know how I feel. I think the story is more important than the rules and if anyone cares, we’ll just call you Akatosh and pretend you performed some sort of divine intervention in Grawnk’s life. See, lore! It’s all good.

    • I think I’d like to be called Akatosh regardless. It resonates with power. I figured all my “core” readers wouldn’t really mind, but you know, in case I get some people who occasionally follow me, I didn’t know what their reaction would be.

  2. The only thing I took from that is that there is a new Grawnk post on the way, the only thing that I really cared about anyway. Bring on the Grawnk and damn all else I say!

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