Day 1 of 28DCD: Basic Biography

Contrary to what I’ve already said and done, I now am going to be making daily entries for the 28 Days of Character Development challenge here on WordPress. My main reason for doing this is to better organize any comments I receive. I am still making a list of all the entries that I post on my 28 Days of Character Development page. I also gave Grawnk a birthday and an age.

Full name: Grawnk’s full name should be that of his father’s, Grawnk gro-Baladrag, but he wants nothing to do with his father, or his father’s name. Grawnk takes his mother’s last name instead: Grawnk gro-Uramel. However, since arriving in Skyrim, Grawnk chooses to only go by Grawnk. He is his own man, or Orc, now.

Race: Orsimer/Orc

Age/Date of Birth: 28 / 4E 173, 31st of Sun’s Height

City or town of birth: Orsinium

Job/work: Nothing permanent, but being a blacksmith has funded most of Grawnk’s travels.

Factions: None, but cool with the Orc Strongholds in Skyrim, if that counts.

Skills: Good with a mace and a shield, a competent blacksmith, good at song/ballad/tale composition, some skill with a lute and drums, killing bandits and wolves

Current Residence: Skyrim – A tent somewhere outside of Rorikstead

Height:  average

Face: ugly

Figure/build: Scrawny

Hairstyle and color: Bald (by choice) / black

Eye color: Bluish gray

Skin color: light green

Tattoos: none

Scars: a few facial scars

Piercings: none

Preferred style of clothing: Ha. None. Whatever does the trick.

Personality: Shy, low confidence, but overconfident at times, sarcastic, self-aware, diplomatic, logical, realistic, emotional

Likes: Intelligence, music, song, barding, drinking, fighting to an extent

Dislikes: dumb people, being attacked by random people/creatures, his father Madrog

Fears/phobias: Dying horribly, rejection, parties, giant abnormally-sized children, failing his quest to become a bard

Parents: Mother and Father – both alive

Siblings: 3 brothers – Grawnk is the baby

Significant other/s: None, but currently enamored with Ghorza-gra-Bagol

Friends/Acquaintances: Karita, Rustleif, Benor, Ghorbash the Iron Hand, Jenassa, Probably others, Meeko the dog, and Karinda the Horse if they count

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6 thoughts on “Day 1 of 28DCD: Basic Biography

  1. The questions you put to Adrian were so good I felt I had to return the favour:
    – What inspires Grawnk the most when writing music? Heroic deeds? Glorious battles? Love?
    – Grawnk does not exactly fit the Orc stereotype, being a skinny bard and all. Does he ever resent his heritage and perhaps even wish he was born another race, one more accepting of his romantic ideals?
    – Is Grawnk pro or anti-empire? Does he have strong political views or is he just happy to go along with the status quo, so to speak?

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