Day 3 of 28DCD: Marriage and Children

Grawnk is a pretty socially inept Orc, as evidenced by some of his past experiences. So much of his early life was spent on other endeavors, that the social part of his development never really took place. Despite all of this, Grawnk is actually a romantic at heart, thinking often about the fairer sex. Even though he had always entertained the fantasy of being romantically linked with a woman some day, it was always just that: a fantasy.

Besides a cute Orc girl who spoke to him once when he was ten, Grawnk never had any romantic aspirations…that is, till he met Ghorza gra-Bagol. Ever since crossing into Skyrim, the amount of Orcs Grawnk has seen has been very limited. Ghorza was the first female Orc that he glimpsed in Skyrim, so it was only natural that he fell immediately in love with her. It didn’t hurt that she was a blacksmith either.

So much about Grawnk’s quest is uncertain, so his mind is somewhat conflicted about Ghorza. He knows that if he survives, and does become a bard, that only then will he feel comfortable about approaching Ghorza for her hand in marriage. Well, he’ll need to find that book she’s looking for too. But yes, Grawnk has no objections to marriage, which is surprising, considering his parent’s marriage – and the term “marriage” should be loosely applied there.

However, Grawnk is rather afraid of rejection, even though his bravery has certainly improved since living in Skyrim. No matter what happens, it will be hard for him to let go of his insecurities and confidence issues.

Forgetting all of these potential hindrances and qualifiers, if Grawnk were to find the right woman, children would be a likely next step for him. Because he feels that he was robbed of his childhood in many ways, Grawnk would love nothing more than to give his own children the opportunity to have a chance at a real childhood.

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8 thoughts on “Day 3 of 28DCD: Marriage and Children

  1. Okay, this was a lot nicer than the story of his childhood. And Grawnk is such a sweet, sweet guy. But it still tugged at my heartstrings, especially this ” Grawnk would love nothing more than to give his own children the opportunity to have a chance at a real childhood.”

  2. I never had a doubt in my mind that Grawnk was a romantic. After reading about his childhood and his parents I was worried he had given up on the notion of marriage. I am glad he has not. I think Grawnk would make an excellent husband, he just needs to find a nice woman who can except him for who he is. If she happens to be an orc than all the better, though I would think the Orsimar traditions would keep a female orc from being with Grawnk unless he found someone who would break those traditions for him, and if he does I think he will know true happiness. As for Children I can totally see Grawnk being a great father. After all he is his mothers son.

    • Yes, had it not been for Arliah instilling in Grawnk the notion that all relationships are not like her and Madrog’s, he probably would have been forever closed off to the idea of marriage and children. Another thing about Ghorza that Grawnk was excited about, was that she wanted no part of being in a stronghold, so Ghorza does happen to fit the bill of being a female Orc that would break those traditions.

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