Day 7 of 28DCD: Relationships (Ghorbash)

Ghorbash as he currently appears. Appearance definitely subject to change.

Ghorbash as he currently appears. Appearance definitely subject to change.

Grawnk’s relationship with Ghorbash is still pretty new, and like all new relationships, there isn’t much there yet. Small talk and simple pleasantries exist, but that’s about it. So instead of describing the relationship between Grawnk and Ghorbash, I will instead be focusing just on Ghorbash. This day of the challenge is more about helping me think about how the two might interact in future posts.

Ghorbash is not a highly typical Orc. He is adventurous by nature, and restless when he is not out traveling the lands. He was born in the Orc Stronghold Dushnikh Yal, but because of his adventurous spirit, joined the Imperial legion in order to see more of Skyrim.

Ghorbash served the legion for years, but the more he found out about the legion’s dealings with the Thalmor, the less he wanted to continue serving. One day, he was standing watch by the road, and was approached by a passing traveler. The traveler told Ghorbash that he shouldn’t be fighting for the Empire, which Ghorbash did not disagree with.

What the traveler told Ghorbash next was what gave him the final push he needed to quit the Legion. It turns out the traveler was from the Imperial City.

I was employed by the city under the City Works department, which was a glorified way of saying I was a city-wide janitor.  I woke up one morning to find out that a tragic accident had happened at the Arcane University, killing everyone there.

I was deeply saddened because I knew a few of the faculty and several of the students who were friendly to me whenever I worked on or near the University. To make matters worse, I was tasked with the awful responsibility of removing the bodies. Everywhere I walked, I saw the young, blank faces of dead students staring up at me. What kind of accident could have killed everyone there?

I worked all day and most of the night, but I finished relocating all the bodies. The once vibrant and energetic grounds of the University were now dull and silent. That night, some of the more high-ranking Thalmor held a memorial service for all those lost in the accident. They spoke on the importance of practicing magic safely, and that in the future, they would regulate what kind of magic could be performed, so that a tragedy like this would never happen again. And near as I can tell, no one suspected anything. I didn’t suspect anything.

Months later, I was patching a roof on the Thalmor embassy, and when I came in to retrieve a hammer that had fallen through the hole, I heard voices coming from one of the rooms. I had never been compelled to eavesdrop before then, but in that moment, I couldn’t help myself. I quietly listened, horrified, while two Thalmor ambassadors described their role in the “Arcane Accident,” as it had come to be known.

They were bragging about how many people they had killed that night, and how easy it was. One boasted about his stealth, and the other about how he killed two with one spell. I couldn’t listen anymore. I was going to be sick, and I didn’t want them to discover me. I would have surely been killed.

I snuck out, leaving all my tools on the roof, and bolted back to my home. I didn’t have many friends, but that night I went around to all of them, telling them what I had heard, not caring if they believed me or not, and the next morning, I left for Skyrim. So, my friend, just remember if you’re going to serve the Legion, know who they’re in bed with.

And just like that, the traveler continued down the road, leaving Ghorbash stunned. He had never been much of a thinker, choosing to live life very spontaneously. However, what he had been hearing about the Thalmor, plus the traveler’s story, even if it wasn’t true, gave Ghorbash enough pause to realize he no longer wanted to serve the Empire anymore.

And much like the traveler, Ghorbash returned to his camp, and stole away the very next morning, intent on heading back to Dushnikh Yal to live with his family. When he finally arrived, his brother, Chief Burguk, welcomed Ghorbash back into the stronghold, knowing that Ghorbash never had any aspirations to be chief, and thus, did not consider Ghorbash a rival.

Ghorbash was happy to be among family again, but desperately missed the open road. When Ghorbash first met Grawnk, he convinced Ghorbash that he wasn’t really happy not being able to travel, and being cooped up in the stronghold. When Grawnk left, Ghorbash hoped Grawnk would offer to let him travel with him, but the offer never came. Luckily for Ghorbash, Grawnk came back again.

I don’t know what is in store for this pair of Orcs, but I hope it will be fun and exciting.

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12 thoughts on “Day 7 of 28DCD: Relationships (Ghorbash)

  1. I love this. It lets us get a little background on who is following Grawnk and a little bit of their personality.The addition of the purge of the university was a good touch too, I am sure Elspeth squeed.

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