Day 8 of 28DCD: Sex and Romance

First off, it’s really odd applying today’s prompt to Grawnk. Of course, it’s odd period thinking about Grawnk’s history at all. When I first started this blog last February, it was just going to be my version of The Elder Strolls, and not go into Grawnk’s history or anything like that. I guess I just grew too fond of the guy to not flesh him out a little more.

Concerning sex, I really don’t think Grawnk ever had the opportunity. He’s a male, so it’s not like he wasn’t interested, but any potential mates in the stronghold were much more into the Orcs that weren’t skin and bones, and constantly reading books. This bothered Grawnk for many years, but eventually he came to accept it, and after that, it rarely crossed his mind at all. He had other pursuits to occupy his mind.

Since Grawnk has never, for the lack of a better word, “courted” anyone, there are no examples to point to his romantic side. However, he has read enough books so that he has a better notion than most of what true romance is. Ironically, the books that taught Grawnk about romance also partly kept Grawnk from experiencing it in the stronghold. He knows that should he ever find someone who will reciprocate his feelings, she will be the recipient of all his backlogs of romantic ideas.

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7 thoughts on “Day 8 of 28DCD: Sex and Romance

  1. I completely understand where you are coming from. I never planned on fleshing out Zanders character but things just happened. I am having the same issues you had and I feel you did a good job with today, you gave great insight into Grawnk. I think you have a strong grasp on the orc culture and weave it into Grawnks life masterfully.

    • Thank you very much, you are quite generous. It’s funny how things can take on a life of their own. I have really grown to enjoy writing about the Orcs, and I’m glad you enjoy it as well.

  2. You used the word “ironically” correctly. That is my favorite thing about this entry. Really, these little details are so very interesting. I love this idea of an Orc who is sort of a bookish-nerd-romantic.

    • Yeah, irony can be a bit tricky sometimes. I quite like that idea too. I’m much more fond of the fact that Grawnk has been able to tap into his more Orcish side too, killing a giant, and training his combat skills in general. It’s just enough of a blend to make him interesting.

  3. I thought of a couple of new questions and I will ask everyone. If Grawnk had his own entrance music what would it be? And What song best describes or fits with Grawnk?

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