Day 9 of 28DCD: Deepest Kept Secret(s)

Secrets, secrets, are no fun. Secrets, secrets, Grawnk has none. At least not any deep, dark secrets. Part of the character of Grawnk, is that what you see is (mostly) what you get. I thought about whether it felt right for him to have some skeletons in the closet, but I decided it didn’t.

The closest thing to a big secret that Grawnk had, was that he felt the need for approval from his father, even though he knew his father wanted nothing to do with him. I should point out, though, that this need vanished as soon as Grawnk found out that Madrog had hit Arliah, and tried to have her killed. I imagine Grawnk may have a few more minor secrets, but I’m not quite sure what they could be yet. We’ll have to see.

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