Day 11 of 28DCD: Hardest Thing Your Character Has Had to Do

Grawnk’s life has been fraught with difficult times, but some stand out more than others. I thought initially that Grawnk’s toughest moment was when he decided to leave for Skyrim, not knowing if Arliah was there. That was a hard moment, but there was logic behind Grawnk’s decision, so in the end, he didn’t take too long to decide.

The actual hardest thing Grawnk has had to do was when he decided to recommit himself to becoming a bard again. Grawnk had some inner demons he was not aware of when he arrived in Solitude, and that first night they manifested, causing Grawnk to panic, and then to despair. He spent weeks wandering aimlessly in the wilds of Skyrim, doing anything but addressing his demons, instead, letting them fester and corrupt.

The difficulty was when Grawnk finally couldn’t ignore them anymore, and had to face them. He didn’t like what he saw, and became more depressed and overwhelmed. At that time, Grawnk no longer had any desire to do anything.

I know this all seems bleak, but for you to understand why recommitting himself was the hardest thing he’s ever done, you have to understand Grawnk’s mindset at the time.

There was no sudden change from depressed Grawnk to reinvigorated Grawnk. It was a slow, gradual process as Grawnk internalized what he was going through, slowly making sense of it all. Having Meeko’s company, killing a bunch of Forsworn, and meeting Ghorza were three of the biggest factors that led to Grawnk coming out of his funk, but the most important progress had to first be made within Grawnk’s mind.

I know no one cares, but sorry this is a little late. I have been playing Skyrim, building a character for Dragonborn, and I ran into more issues with my game, so I had to uninstall everything and reinstall it again. If you’ve seen My Mods page, you know this is an undertaking.

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6 thoughts on “Day 11 of 28DCD: Hardest Thing Your Character Has Had to Do

  1. this might be too late. If you’re starting a character from scratch for dragonborn, just don’t. Most of the creatures are impossible to beat until you’re level 20 at least. I came up against a draugr death overlord at level 6. It was not fun.

    • Well, I already did haha. But luckily, I have a lot of time on my hands, and I’m already at level 29. However, with the mods Skyrim Redone and Deadly Dragons installed, I’m essentially still a wuss. I really can’t wait to play it though. I’m not going to buy it till I’ve finished the main quest line, which I have never actually beaten in all the hours I’ve played Skyrim…

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