Day 13 of 28DCD: Weaknesses, Vices, and/or Bad Habits

Certainly all who read my blog know that one of Grawnk’s biggest weaknesses is his cowardice. Growing up isolated in a stronghold left him pretty unexposed to the dangers that awaited him outside the walls. Once outside, it was a bit overwhelming for him, so running away, or avoiding danger altogether, was Grawnk’s way of handling it.

I have to say though, Grawnk has aired more on the side of fight than flight recently. His cowardice is giving way to bravery, but it’s still very much there. Grawnk has struggled with confidence issues his whole life, and that actually ties in to his cowardice. When he first killed those bandits outside of Dawnstar, he was surprised at how competent he was. Since then, he’s been slowly gaining confidence, barring his depressed wanderings.

I guess Grawnk’s last big weakness is his feelings. And I don’t mean just having them. Grawnk experiences feelings and emotions more than the average humanoid. Were it not for this flaw of his, one could argue that he would never have turned his back on his path. His fears are exaggerated, again, tying in with his other weaknesses. It’s this interconnectedness that made it so hard for Grawnk to come back to his path. All of these things are such a core part of him, that overcoming just the negative aspects of them is no trivial matter. But to end his weaknesses on a happy note, this of course means all of his positive emotions/feelings are felt more deeply as well.

Grawnk is not an Orc of vices, and never has been. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Grawnk loves to drink, and does so often. Well, often by human standards. Grawnk drank most days of the week, but even still, this was another area where he was made fun of by his fellow Orcs, because the amount of drinking a “typical” Orc does far exceeds Grawnk’s.

Grawnk does possess a few bad habits, only finding out about one recently. While on the road with Ghorbash and Jenassa, Ghorbash alerted Grawnk to the fact that he is a loud snorer. And apparently between the snoring, Grawnk sleep talks, or more accurately: sleep bards. One night on the road, Ghorbash was woken up to Grawnk singing about a Frost Troll in Dawnstar. Lucky for Grawnk, Jenassa is a very heavy sleeper.

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8 thoughts on “Day 13 of 28DCD: Weaknesses, Vices, and/or Bad Habits

  1. Great insight into the various weaknesses/vices/bad habits. I hate to think what would happen to Grawnk should Jenassa hear him, but I am sure something very hilarious would happen or very tragic…

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