Day 16 of 28DCD: Inheritance

In the words of Shakespeare, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Grawnk has never cared about money, or being rich or poor. If it were up to Grawnk, he’d probably establish a bartering system over an economy. However, he does recognize the importance of money in the world around him.

If Grawnk were to receive an obscene amount of gold through an inheritance, at first, he’d have no idea what to do with it. Given some time, he’d figure it out.

I think first he would use his resources to try and track down Arliah. One Orc searching an entire continent by himself is a pretty daunting task. With more money, Grawnk could hire many more to help in the search.

Secondly, I think he’d try and use his money in whatever way he could to dethrone his father, Madrog. I could envision Grawnk paying off some of the more headstrong Orcs of the stronghold to challenge Madrog.

I could see Grawnk establishing a band of fighters to roam around Skyrim, helping to control the bandit population. He wouldn’t join in, of course, just fund it.

He would buy a house, either in Markarth or Solitude.

Past that, Grawnk would donate his money to people or causes that could use it. He has no real use for an excess of money, so in his mind, there would be no reason to hold onto it.

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