Day 17 of 28DCD: Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

As you may have guessed, Grawnk’s spirit animal is the owl. The owl as a spirit animal is known for intuition and wisdom. Grawnk may still be young, (for an Orc) but he is wise beyond his years. He understands people: their motives, their desires, drives, ambitions, etc. Through that wisdom, his abilities to discern and intuit are derived. He picks up on lies, and other subtle nuances that others might normally miss.

Owls as spirit animals are also known for their curiosity for the unknown. Grawnk is a highly logical being, so it might be somewhat contradictory to be curious, but he feels that knowing more can only help improve his knowledge base. His cowardice and curiosity are in a perpetual state of conflict.

Another facet of the owl is that it is often seen as the harbinger of change. This could not fit better with Grawnk at the current stage of his life. He left his life that he’d known for twenty-eight years, and traveled to a new province to start a life that he doesn’t know how to live.

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