Day 21 of 28DCD: Assorted Questions

Instead of addressing the broad topic of “Relationships” originally posed for this day of the challenge, I decided to answer some more specific questions instead because I was having trouble going from general to specific.

“What inspires Grawnk the most when writing music? Heroic deeds? Glorious battles? Love?”

I like this question a lot because it’s one I had not considered. The impetus for Grawnk to compose is rarely the same. I suppose the best way to describe it is a well of creative, intangible energy that rests within the pit of his stomach, that will not go away until he taps into it, and creates something from it. I guess a more simplified way of saying this is the “creative spirit” that resides in everyone.

Other than those times, his inspiration is largely situation-based, such as the incident with the frost troll, and more recently when Grawnk was setting out from Whiterun on his journey to Dead Men’s Respite. He wanted to compose a song based on that milestone in his life.

“Will Grawnk ever announce his feelings for a certain orc blacksmith who lives in Markarth? If so will he settle down and form his own Orcish stronghold as tradition dictates?”

To borrow a quote from Dr. Who: “Spoilers.”

“Is Grawnk pro or anti-empire? Does he have strong political views or is he just happy to go along with the status quo, so to speak?”

I had to think about this one, because it’s easy for one’s own opinions to bleed into his or her character(s). I suppose Grawnk is largely apathetic, if not a little ill-informed. Grawnk tends to tune out political noise. He is new in Skyrim, so just like if you were visiting a new country, it’s unlikely you’d care too much about the current political climate. Grawnk has heard talk of the Thalmor, but his opinion doesn’t go any further than thinking that they’re dicks. He’s more concerned with himself and his affairs than to be worrying about the injustice that affects others.

“How would Grawnk react if he accidentally walked in on Jenassa and Ghorbash having relations?”

Ignoring the very ludicrous improbability of this ever happening, if it did, I don’t think Grawnk would care if it made Jenassa more pleasant to be around.

For those who (don’t) care, the reasons for my brief hiatus are twofold: I got kind of burnt out doing these entries every day, and my fingers and hands are acting up again, making it unpleasant to spend time on the mouse and keyboard.

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5 thoughts on “Day 21 of 28DCD: Assorted Questions

  1. gotta love question and answer time =) It is nice to know the creative workings of Grawnk’s art, as well as his political standings, though i still want front row seat when he finally meets a Thalmor, especially if Janessa is still with him.


    • It’s easy to hate the Thalmor. I do, and it was tempting to write Grawnk that way. However, if he were to actually meet one, Grawnk would leave him be because he has no personal reason to get involved, unless of course, the Thalmor were to attack Grawnk.


        • That’s really odd, but funny. It’s almost like they know Zander’s history. But yeah, the Thalmor never bother me. The only way to get them to attack is by talking to them, and even then, not all the dialogue options trigger an attack. I suppose it’s possible SkyRe could tweak that.


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