Day 23 of 28DCD: Alignment

So Grawnk scored “Neutral” on the Alignment test. A description of “Neutral” can be found here.This was not unexpected because I have been trying to paint him as a mostly neutral character. Of course, this isn’t entirely accurate. Grawnk has good tendencies too, so in all actuality, he would fall somewhere between “Neutral” and “Neutral-Good,” but leaning heavily on the neutral side. Grawnk cares about himself first and foremost.

Growing up in the stronghold is what instilled this attitude in him. Unintentionally, it also acts as a survival technique. The fewer places you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, the less risk of getting involved in something dangerous. This is the main reason why Grawnk will ignore people, especially people trying to get Grawnk to help them with their dangerous sounding baggage.

Grawnk has been noticing a small change in his way of thinking though. As he becomes a stronger and more capable fighter, the harder it is for him to not feel guilty about turning down someone’s plea for help. Granted, even if he might occasionally feel guilt, there’s still no way he’d help out.

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog over a year and this is just now my fiftieth post.

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4 thoughts on “Day 23 of 28DCD: Alignment

    • Why did it drive you crazy? Just because of the quiz itself? Back in my table top days, alignment never was a big factor, so the DM never really forced the issue. More recently, I played as a chaotic neutral gnome, and playing that alignment was the most fun I have had in that type of game.


  1. I actually figured he would be some form of neutral. As for the post count congrats! just remember it isn’t quantity, its quality! And you got some quality posts, they always give me a quick shot of laughter when I need it the most.


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