Day 24 of 28DCD: The Day-to-Day

Being a blog designed to live life as an NPC, it is largely focused on the ordinary goings on of Grawnk. However, since arriving in Skyrim, there’s not been a big enough chunk of time for Grawnk to really develop a daily ritual. I believe Grawnk was only in Dawnstar for three days, and all he did there was wake up, get dumped on by Skyrim, be poor, go to bed, rinse and repeat.

In his journeys thus far, Grawnk has really only stayed in Whiterun for any extended period of time. There, he mainly focused on improving his smithing skills. He slept in the Bannered Mare, woke up to eat breakfast, and worked at the forge till he had to go to sleep.

Being a slightly different type of Orc, Grawnk is fairly adamant about his personal hygiene, using water sources in towns or streams out in the wild to shower and rinse off occasionally. He aims for at least twice a week. As I’ve mentioned several times before, Grawnk is bald by choice. He doesn’t have a razor, but he has been using a specific concoction of ingredients to form an alchemical paste that he rubs on his head to dissolve/burn away the new hair growth. He does this about once a week.

Grawnk wears plain clothes, and a simple pair of boots when he is around towns. Also, he wears an Amulet of Mara. Ordinarily, I just switch his clothes out immediately, but for roleplay and immersion, I think I might start making him have to do that in the privacy of a rented room first.

Plain Clothes

As far as armor, Grawnk prefers his full set of Orcish armor plus a black burlap cape to make him look cooler.

Orcish Armor

Lastly, I use a lot of mods to give me the roleplaying and immersive experience that I want. You can find a comprehensive, and constantly updating list of those mods on My Mods page.

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5 thoughts on “Day 24 of 28DCD: The Day-to-Day

  1. Grawnk is so damn cute.

    “specific concoction of ingredients to form an alchemical paste that he rubs on his head to dissolve/burn away the new hair growth”

    Is there a Nair mod for real?

    I love this entry just for that.


  2. I love that you came up with a way to keep Grawnk with his aerodynamically sound head, better for running away don’t ya know. And you have given me some really good material for when i get my game fixed >=D


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