Day 25 of 28DCD: Favorites

Food: Grawnk’s palette is not too refined, growing up on stronghold fare. In Skyrim, he has found himself partial to salted meats and stews for when it’s cold.

Alcohol: The only thing he could get away with drinking at the stronghold was common ale. He grew sick of the offerings in Orsinium, but has become quite the connoisseur of Skyrim’s ales.

Plants: You mean those things that you step on on your way to different places?

Alchemy Ingredients: Grawnk uses Dragon’s Tongue, Juniper Berries, and Thistle Branch in his hair-dissolving paste, so I guess those would be his favorites.

Weapons: His mace Molyngar of course.

Armor: Orcish

Color: Grawnk-green

Bar song: Tale of the Tongues, even if he can’t understand why anyone is singing about a fictional dragon.

Places to visit: Since reading about it in a book, Grawnk has always wanted to visit the Imperial City. He can’t believe that there are entire stores devoted to just selling books.

Books: Orsinium and the Orcs – Grawnk really likes this book because it showcases an Orc not only for his talent with Orcish Armor, but also for his intelligence. Grawnk used to read this book frequently as a teenager because it made him feel like he had a place in the world with his above average smarts.

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7 thoughts on “Day 25 of 28DCD: Favorites

        • Hah. I guess it’s only reasonable to suspect that Skyrim would suffer from masculinity issues as well. That would be how it went though, the Nords resisting it. I actually did specifically think about those ingredients though. The Dragon’s Tongue has Resist Fire, so it counteracts the Weakness to Fire in the Juniper Berries. I guess this version is better than Nair because there isn’t a burning sensation.


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