Day 26 of 28DCD: What Would Grawnk Change About Himself

It’s a pretty easy question for Grawnk. He would want to get rid of his cowardice. I’m not saying he wouldn’t act cowardly anymore in certain situations, but at least the choice would be his to run away, and not his body just completely taking over. I can’t really expound upon this anymore because that’s really the only thing Grawnk is truly unhappy about with himself.

Sorry for the short post, but my hands and arms have gotten worse, which is unfortunate, because I finally bought Dragonborn, but can’t play it.

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4 thoughts on “Day 26 of 28DCD: What Would Grawnk Change About Himself

  1. I’m sorry your hands/arms are worse. This was supposed to be a short entry. I toyed with asking what, in general, your character would change but I think I knew that, by now, we’d all be getting a little burned out.


  2. Short but good none the less. Sorry about your hands n arms. Rest relax and do what you need to do. You have waited for Dragonborn this long a little more won’t hurt besides you want to be in good health when playing so you can fully enjoy it.


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