Day 27 of 28DCD: Dinner Party

If it were me having the dinner party, Sheogorath would be who I invite. And yes, I’d have a cheese dish available for him.

Grawnk on the other hand, would go a slightly more practical route. He would invite all of the inhabitants of Dead Men’s Respite to a dinner party, and then not show up so he could sneak into Dead Men’s Respite and grab King Olaf’s Verse without any hassle, possibly coming back to the party to set the building on fire.

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3 thoughts on “Day 27 of 28DCD: Dinner Party

  1. I can see that totally working and then Grawnk going on to become the greatest bard ever then everyone will fall in love with him and he will become the new ruler of the world…now to get the invitations out for that party.


    • That could be difficult. Have you ever tried to get a Draugr to RSVP? They’re terrible at it! New ruler of the world? That sounds busy. I don’t think Grawnk would complain about greatest bard ever though.


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