Day 28 of 28DCD: Relationship with Creator

So in this final entry of the 28 Days of Character Development challenge I will try to address the relationship between Grawnk and his creator: me. How do I feel about Grawnk? What do I like and dislike about him? How does Grawnk feel about me?

When I first started thinking about this blog in January 2012 I didn’t already have Grawnk thought out. I was deciding between an Orc and a Khajiit character simply because I wanted to do something different. When I decided upon an Orc, I just tried to bestow as many uncharacteristic traits on him as I could, because the idea of the anti-Orc appealed so greatly to me. Things like his bardic aspirations, cowardice, and daddy issues were all steps I took to remove Grawnk as far as I could from the typical Orc characterizations.

I feel very connected to Grawnk because in many ways, I have written myself into Grawnk’s character. This was unintentional, but I have noticed that I have made the way he thinks and reacts to situations commonly how I might react in a similar situation. I am glad for having done this challenge because it has allowed me to flesh Grawnk out and make him more of his own man/Orc.

For me, it is impossible not to like Grawnk. We are both giant nerds with questionable social skills. I like that Grawnk has persevered on his quest to become a bard even with all of his setbacks. From a writer’s standpoint, I don’t like that Grawnk avoids combat, because when I’m playing and writing Grawnk, I just want to go exploring and get in fights. Of course, this isn’t really a legitimate complaint.

I’m not too certain how Grawnk would feel about me. He had become complacent about his life in the stronghold, but if he had known I could have made it so where he could have had a better childhood, he would most certainly be angry with me. To that, I would tell him it is all about building character. By no means is Grawnk the same Orc that he was when he first stepped off the boat onto Skyrim soil. That is because I am making sure Grawnk is growing over time, and improving upon himself. If he lives to be old and gray, he will want to do nothing but thank me for the life I have given him. I know where I want him to go, but it is ultimately up to him if he wants to follow.

And with that, I finish the last day of the 28DCD challenge. It has been a fun month getting to know Grawnk and his relatives much better. I know this will help me with future posts I make. To everyone, I really appreciate all the comments, likes, follows, and views. To all my new followers, I hope you come back to check up on Grawnk whenever I make new posts. He and I would greatly appreciate that. Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to Elspeth, whose idea it was to do this challenge. Thanks again for reading, and I’ll see you soon.



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3 thoughts on “Day 28 of 28DCD: Relationship with Creator

  1. For some reason I heard “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” playing in my head when i read this, don’t know why but there it is lol. I had fun getting to know Grawnk better and look forward to more of his hi jinks in the future.


  2. I have been reading your blog over the last few days, and i must say. I absolutely love it. I hope you will have a new post up soon. Grawnk may wish to try luting his enemies to sleep, just play them a soothing ballad and take the Verse while they are passed out.


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