This blog is not over, but posts are delayed while I creatively recharge. – 11/18/19

Welcome to An Orc’s Life. This blog chronicles the life of Grawnk the Orc, as he tries to become a member of the Bard’s College in Solitude. An Orc’s Life is a “live life as an NPC” type of blog. What this means is that Grawnk has to abide by most of the same rules as an NPC you’d find in Skyrim. A list of those rules can be found here.

This type of blog, as well as the inspiration for my own, originated from a very talented writer named Christopher Livingston, who wrote Livin’ in Oblivion several years ago, and more recently, The Elder Strolls. Both of these blogs were incredibly well-written, and if you have never read them, you should do so now.

I am lucky enough to be part of an ever-growing community of writers who love both Skyrim, and The Elder Scrolls universe. A great part of being in that community is spreading the word about other writer’s blogs or stories. So, if you enjoy this medium of writing, please check out some of my friend’s and fellow-writer’s work below.



Lastly, if you enjoy an author’s work, you should leave a comment telling them so. Gasoline fuels cars, and feedback fuels writers.