I’m Still Alive


And so is Grawnk.

– Coming Soon – 


Mod talk

I have been meaning to update my mods for a while, and finally got around to doing it. Check out My Mods page to see the new ones. I am including my old mods in this post so I can link to it from the new mods page.

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I have decided I am going to start including self-narration with my entries. I’m mainly doing this just because I’d like to start improving my voice. I like the idea of being able to do voice work, but currently, I’m pretty far off from that realization. So, I’m going to use my entries to practice. Let me know what you think of this in general, and feel free to leave suggestions/comments about the specific narrations as well. I recorded my most recent entry, so if you’d like to listen to it, here is the link:


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On Writing

Let me begin by being blunt. I have all but lost inspiration to continue this blog. That being said, there’s still a chance I may work on it again. But at this point, I feel I owe those of you who still care an explanation. In the town I was previously living in, I had no friends, lived by myself, and worked full time, with my work keeping me on a third shift schedule (overnight). All of these things left me feeling pretty lonely and isolated most of the time. Luckily, I had video games and you guys to keep me company.

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