When I am playing as Grawnk, I tend to take a lot of screenshots. Inevitably, I do not use all of the ones I take. This could be because they will hurt the pacing of the story, don’t fit in with the context of the plot anymore, or were just completely arbitrary to begin with. Rather than letting them go to waste, I am going to start including some of those screenshots (with captions) in this new section of my blog. I will arrange the newest additions on top, so be sure to keep scrolling down if you want to see the old ones too.

A little down the road, I plan to put a few other things on here as well. Right now I am planning a complete set of drinking game rules for An Orc’s Life, and maybe even a fake dating profile for Grawnk on a real dating website.  If anyone ever wants to make fan art for Grawnk or An Orc’s Life, I’ll put that on here too. So stay tuned because you never know what else might end up on here.

Some general advice: It’s best not to initiate staring contests with things that don’t actually have eyes. You’ll probably lose each time. – July, 4 2012

It looks as if I’m trying to see the tree, but I’m actually saluting it. You’d salute too if you knew of all the brave things it’s done. – July, 4 2012

In Skyrim, nothing lasts forever, even cold Sun’s Dusk rain. – June, 30 2012

If you were hovering, looking down on these fellows, it would look as if two people were standing and sitting, respectively, watching another person sitting atop an axe. – June, 30 2012

Meeko is mad, Karinda is oddly posed, Cicero is…Cicero. – June, 30 2012

Dance for me! Your robotic Centurion Overlord commands it! – June, 27 2012

Looks like I picked a bad day to quit drinking Skooma. *sip*

A full set of steel armor: better than any pot holder I’ve ever seen. Unless you count that set of steel armor that was made into a pot holder, but I don’t. – June, 27 2012

Jorrvaskr: An ancient mead hall filled constantly with werewolf-transforming Companions. I bet the rugs permanently stink of wet dog. – June, 27 2012

It seems like Meeko’s found me a new home. I don’t know, boy. You may be used to a shack, but I still prefer not being intimately acquainted with wind and rain. – June, 17 2012

I…really…Sometimes it’s best not to ask too many questions. – June, 17 2012

If you look closely, you can see a really bored lady in the background. – June, 17 2012

It’s not that easy being green. So why attack a fellow greenie?! – June, 17 2012

A treasure chest left out in the open seems suspicious to everybody else, right? – June, 17 2012

Little known fact about the Khajiit: Once a Khajiit dies, its tail will begin to defy the laws of gravity. – June17, 2012

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    • Why thank you. That is a most gracious compliment. I think you would like the mod Uncle Sheogorath’s Really Helpful Hints and Tips if you haven’t already heard of it.


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