Day 23 of 28DCD: Alignment

So Grawnk scored “Neutral” on the Alignment test. A description of “Neutral” can be found here.This was not unexpected because I have been trying to paint him as a mostly neutral character. Of course, this isn’t entirely accurate. Grawnk has good tendencies too, so in all actuality, he would fall somewhere between “Neutral” and “Neutral-Good,” but leaning heavily on the neutral side. Grawnk cares about himself first and foremost.

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Day 22 of DCD: Dear Future Me


It’s me, past Grawnk. There are some things I must know. Have we found Mom? I miss her, and I hope she understands why we didn’t look for her initially. Have we succeeded in our quest to become a bard? Are we “with” anyone? Do we have any friends? What is the status of Father – did we ever do…that thing? Does anything unexpected happen that I should know about? Less importantly, have we grown our hair back out? Just curious.

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Day 21 of 28DCD: Assorted Questions

Instead of addressing the broad topic of “Relationships” originally posed for this day of the challenge, I decided to answer some more specific questions instead because I was having trouble going from general to specific.

“What inspires Grawnk the most when writing music? Heroic deeds? Glorious battles? Love?”

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Day 20 of 28DCD: Regrets

Grawnk is pretty fatalistic about life. I don’t mean that he believes everything is predetermined, because he believes the exact opposite, but he is of the philosophy that what is done is done, and there’s no point in dwelling on it. Being as emotional as Grawnk can be, this isn’t always 100% the case. Outwardly, Grawnk might wish he had killed his father, but inwardly, It is very unlikely he would if presented with the opportunity. This reasoning can’t be fully explained, but if I had to guess, it’s probably because Madrog was once important to Arliah.

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Day 19 of 28DCD: I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends…or Not

What would someone have to do to become friends with Grawnk?  Alternatively, to become enemies?

Grawnk has never had any friends in the traditional sense. He always had his mother in the stronghold, but while living there, he was mostly ignored by everyone else. In the nontraditional sense, he has Meeko. Grawnk never cared for animals, but has found companionship with Meeko. He values Meeko’s loyalty and acceptance of him. Now, obviously, Meeko is incapable of being shallow, but some of these traits are what would make Grawnk consider someone a friend.

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Day 18 of 28DCD: Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey

Grawnk is not one to get hung up in the past, and therefore wouldn’t have any real interest in visiting it. One exception would be going back to merely observe his grandparents that he never knew. That aside, Grawnk’s real interest lies in the future. Grawnk found history books boring growing up, and preferred to read other books instead.

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Day 17 of 28DCD: Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

As you may have guessed, Grawnk’s spirit animal is the owl. The owl as a spirit animal is known for intuition and wisdom. Grawnk may still be young, (for an Orc) but he is wise beyond his years. He understands people: their motives, their desires, drives, ambitions, etc. Through that wisdom, his abilities to discern and intuit are derived. He picks up on lies, and other subtle nuances that others might normally miss.

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