Day 27 of 28DCD: Dinner Party

If it were me having the dinner party, Sheogorath would be who I invite. And yes, I’d have a cheese dish available for him.

Grawnk on the other hand, would go a slightly more practical route. He would invite all of the inhabitants of Dead Men’s Respite to a dinner party, and then not show up so he could sneak into Dead Men’s Respite and grab King Olaf’s Verse without any hassle, possibly coming back to the party to set the building on fire.

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Day 26 of 28DCD: What Would Grawnk Change About Himself

It’s a pretty easy question for Grawnk. He would want to get rid of his cowardice. I’m not saying he wouldn’t act cowardly anymore in certain situations, but at least the choice would be his to run away, and not his body just completely taking over. I can’t really expound upon this anymore because that’s really the only thing Grawnk is truly unhappy about with himself.

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Day 24 of 28DCD: The Day-to-Day

Being a blog designed to live life as an NPC, it is largely focused on the ordinary goings on of Grawnk. However, since arriving in Skyrim, there’s not been a big enough chunk of time for Grawnk to really develop a daily ritual. I believe Grawnk was only in Dawnstar for three days, and all he did there was wake up, get dumped on by Skyrim, be poor, go to bed, rinse and repeat.

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Day 23 of 28DCD: Alignment

So Grawnk scored “Neutral” on the Alignment test. A description of “Neutral” can be found here.This was not unexpected because I have been trying to paint him as a mostly neutral character. Of course, this isn’t entirely accurate. Grawnk has good tendencies too, so in all actuality, he would fall somewhere between “Neutral” and “Neutral-Good,” but leaning heavily on the neutral side. Grawnk cares about himself first and foremost.

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Day 22 of DCD: Dear Future Me


It’s me, past Grawnk. There are some things I must know. Have we found Mom? I miss her, and I hope she understands why we didn’t look for her initially. Have we succeeded in our quest to become a bard? Are we “with” anyone? Do we have any friends? What is the status of Father – did we ever do…that thing? Does anything unexpected happen that I should know about? Less importantly, have we grown our hair back out? Just curious.

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Day 21 of 28DCD: Assorted Questions

Instead of addressing the broad topic of “Relationships” originally posed for this day of the challenge, I decided to answer some more specific questions instead because I was having trouble going from general to specific.

“What inspires Grawnk the most when writing music? Heroic deeds? Glorious battles? Love?”

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