An Orc’s Life, Part 14: The Great Rat Detective

Hello there, if you have read this blog before, I need to address some continuity changes that will be present from here on out. I’m returning this blog to its original live-life-as-an-NPC format. What that means is I will be forgoing my written dialogue for Grawnk’s traveling companions, Ghorbash and Jenassa, and anyone else Grawnk meets. It was a creative roadblock for me, and I couldn’t get past it. Also, I reinstalled Skyrim and my mods, so you might notice some differences between screenshots as well. You can check my about section if you need a reminder of anything, and you can click here to start from the beginning. Thank you so much for reading.

Below is my narration for this entry.


I’m having the worst dream. I’m wandering around in the snowy wilds of Skyrim in only my underwear, and I’m getting chased by bandits that look like ice cubes for what feels like four and a half years. I finally wake up to realize that the rain has put out our fire and we are all freezing to death.

Baby it's frigid outside
I know you’re dying from hypothermia, but I really need a screenshot of this. Sorry Grawnk!

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An Orc’s Life, Part 13: The Fellowship of the Verse Part III

[Below is my narration for this entry.]


It’s been several hours since we left Whiterun, and we’ve been traveling non-stop, save for that incident with the thief where I totally wasn’t helpless. I’m pretty hungry, so I propose we stop for a bit to eat something. I get no complaints from Ghorbash, but Jenassa is resistant, and feels the need to make a hurtful comment likening me to a princess. She does relent, however, and we pull off the road to a clearing. While we’re taking a break, I decide to share what I’ve come up with in the past few hours for my commemorative composition.


Why do I feel like Jenassa is going to be the Skyrim equivalent of Simon Cowell?

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Day 23 of 28DCD: Alignment

So Grawnk scored “Neutral” on the Alignment test. A description of “Neutral” can be found here.This was not unexpected because I have been trying to paint him as a mostly neutral character. Of course, this isn’t entirely accurate. Grawnk has good tendencies too, so in all actuality, he would fall somewhere between “Neutral” and “Neutral-Good,” but leaning heavily on the neutral side. Grawnk cares about himself first and foremost.

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Day 10 of 28DCD: Coping Mechanisms

When Grawnk was young, and things got bad in the stronghold, (which was often) he would typically retreat into a good book, or seek refuge with his mother. Later on, he would also write stories, or work on music/songs. Of course, things didn’t exclusively turn to shit just when Grawnk was in the stronghold. Skyrim has had its share of downers for Grawnk too.

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Day 7 of 28DCD: Relationships (Ghorbash)

Ghorbash as he currently appears. Appearance definitely subject to change.

Ghorbash as he currently appears. Appearance definitely subject to change.

Grawnk’s relationship with Ghorbash is still pretty new, and like all new relationships, there isn’t much there yet. Small talk and simple pleasantries exist, but that’s about it. So instead of describing the relationship between Grawnk and Ghorbash, I will instead be focusing just on Ghorbash. This day of the challenge is more about helping me think about how the two might interact in future posts.

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An Orc’s Life, Part 11: The Fellowship of the Verse Part I

The dawning of an important day.

The dawning of an important day.

[Below is my narration of this entry.]

My room in the Bannered Mare comes slowly into focus as I open my eyes. The shadowy tendrils of my dreams swirl around in my memory for a few moments, but they soon dance out of existence, leaving me to wonder why my stomach feels as though it has knots in it. As my grogginess subsides, I quickly remember what today is: the first day of my journey to Dead Men’s Respite. I feel one of the knots tighten. Continue reading

An Orc’s Life, Part 10: The Road So Far

[Below is my narration of this entry of An Orc’s Life. I’m doing this mainly so I can improve my voice, but if you all end up liking it, that’s cool too. I did not even attempt to edit this, and it was my first attempt, read without stopping. Now that my qualifiers are out of the way, let me know what you think.]

Much time has passed since the night I got plastered after having my ass handed to me by an overgrown insect. In many ways, I am not the same Orc anymore. That following morning I woke up to a Whiterun guard yelling at me to get up, which I thought was rather rude till I discovered I was not in my room at the Bannered Mare, but in a tent I had drunkenly constructed in front of the main gate the night before. A little embarrassed, and a lot hungover, I packed up my tent and left to get some breakfast.

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An Orc’s Life, Part 9: The Oral Hygiene Evangelist

While I am dismounting Karinda, I hear Meeko barking in the distance, and finally, he catches up to me. We need to get you your own horse, don’t we boy? I laugh at my own joke, but it’s lost on Meeko. Dogs have such poor senses of humor. Right. New town, new opportunities. So, my animal companions, what awaits me in this great city; this testament to modern architecture, this monument to man’s achievements, this – huh? A Whiterun guard has approached, and interrupted my attempt at a poetic moment with my dog and horse.

Whiterun guards hate it when you wax poetic.

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An Orc’s Life, Part 8: The Inner-Orc

Some roads lead to Whiterun.

After polling the citizens of Markarth, and taking some time to reflect upon it myself, I have decided that Whiterun, with its central location in Skyrim, is the next logical place for me to train. I don’t waste any time getting out of Markarth, but before it’s out of my sight completely, I turn around to take one last look at the city that’s given me my life back.

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An Orc’s Life, Part 7: Markarth: Portrait of a City

Bet you can’t find Grawnk and Meeko. (they really are in the screen shot)

So it would appear I not only have bad timing walking into places, catching townsfolk arguing, but also watching them die. First, I walked into Solitude as someone was getting beheaded, and now I have walked into Markarth to someone getting stabbed.

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